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Dated: 11/30/2016

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Zachary, Louisiana....

As the lazy sun casts it's last light of the day, the amber colored meadow playfully dances in rhythm with the trees. Sitting on my back porch swing, gently rocking. I hear the distant sound of the wind chimes singing their peaceful melody. A flock of ducks attract my attention as they glide gracefully across a glistening pond to settle in for the evening. This is how all days come to a close in Zachary, Louisiana. The tranquility, sense of community and proximity to larger urban areas is what makes Zachary the ideal place for me to live.

I deeply value the tranquility and peacefulness of a small town. I would gladly trade the screeching of traffic at rush hour and the stench of smog for the serene sound of crickets chirping outside my window and the aroma of freshly cut grass. After a day of fighting crowds in Baton Rouge, it's nice to get away from the madness. As I leave the concrete nightmare and begin driving down the winding country roads, I leave my troubles in my rear view mirror. Zachary does not need a welcome sign because the blooming azaleas are quick to greet you.

Another thing I value about a small town such as Zachary is it's close knit community atmosphere. Even though you are not related to everyone in town you feel as if most people are part of the family. Sunday morning after church is always an anticipated event. This is the time for friends and family to catch up on lost time during the hectic week. There is always a friend to lend a helping hand. Being stranded on the side of the road with car trouble is not a life or death situation as it could be in a big city. Rather that being leery of complete strangers offering assistance, a familiar smile will come to the rescue shortly. Zachary is a community that offers caring, comfort and compassion.

The proximity of Zachary to the metropolitan area is another advantage. Although Zachary does have a lot to offer, it lacks many amenities of a big city such as malls, college and a variety of restaurants. Zachary seems like a world of it's own but it is actually only minutes away from the real world. A twenty minute drive will not only take you to the heart of the city of Baton Rouge but also to the heart of the State of Louisiana. Some people consider living in Zachary as living in the boondocks. Actually, we consider the boondocks a little closer to Mississippi.

Zachary may not quite be Mayberry but it still has all the things I value in a place to grow up and stay. Among other positive aspects it offers tranquility, community and close proximity to the hustle and bustle of the big city. As Zachary's most famous citizen, Donna Douglas, better known as "Ellie Mae Clampett" would say, "y'all come back now, ya hear!"

Note: I wrote this paper in my LSU English class in or around 1990. Some things have changed but a lot have stayed the same. Zachary might be bigger now with more people discovering the secret little town and more options for shopping and food, but the dynamics are still the same. I grew up here, moved away and came back to raise my children. I truly love my town (oops it's a city now)

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